Canam Group is aware of the impact that its activities exert on the environment in each of the communities where it is present. Through its Environmental Policy, the Corporation pledges to comply with current regulations and improve the efficiency of its facilities.

Promoting Digital Formats

Back in 2012, the Corporation introduced a software tool for managing and annotating technical drawings that would allow users to perform tasks on monitors, thus eliminating the printing of drawings. Moreover, all data is centralized, rendering it accessible to multiple users in real time, regardless of their location.

Cutting Back on Travel

Canam Group advocates the use of videoconferencing tools to reduce both travel costs and time spent traveling. A total of 30 business locations are currently equipped with this technology, some with more than one station. This tool is being used more and more for meetings as well as to provide training to employees at multiple sites in North America, Romania and India.

Other initiatives

  • Recycling all recyclable items;
  • Using of paint and steel with elevated recycled content;
  • Carpooling incentives, including ridesharing premiums and an Intranet tool to post upcoming business trips;
  • Composting at several business locations.