Since the fabrication of our very first joist in 1961, we have strived to make innovations every day in a constant pursuit to better serve our customers and offer top quality products and services within the specified deadline.

Continuous Improvement

This natural tendency towards continuous improvement is true not only for our products but also in our design and fabrication processes as well as for our facilities and equipment.

Entrepreneurial culture and innovation are valued at all organizational levels:

  • Through the means of different programs, the company is committed to maintaining a work environment that favors employee creativity and the implementation of innovative ideas.
  • Product and service development as well as performance improvements initiated by management teams are supported and overseen by the Innovation Support Group (CREM).

The mandate of the Support Group is to ensure that innovation processes are applied in order to obtain optimal results.

Innovation Support Group (CREM)

The Canam Group Innovation Support Group, called CREM, is a team of dynamic professionals who specialize mainly in:

  • Portfolio management of innovation projects
  • Management of product and service development projects
  • Management of improvement projects
  • Facilitation of Kaizen-type projects to improve plant and office processes
  • Deployment of best practices for innovation
  • Coaching of innovation project managers

In addition to its team of continuous improvement and product development project managers, CREM also works in close collaboration with multiple partners from Canam Group’s various groups of products and services. This collaboration helps to accelerate groundwork and in turn execute more projects over the course of a given year.


To support the implementation of best business practices within all Canam Group’s products and services departments by enhancing their performance and growth.

New Products and Fabrication Processes

Examples of innovations

The research and development of new products and fabrication processes are directly tied to our goal of fabricating quality products that exceed customer expectations.

Innovative products

Over recent years, we have launched several leading-edge products and services that were developed thanks to the efforts of our experienced research and development team or as a result of exclusive agreements with business partners.

Below are a few examples:

BuildMaster Logo

A new approach to designing and constructing buildings.


Elocone nuts
Elongated nuts offer an effective solution when anchor rods do not extend far enough above the foundation.

Dalle Hambro

Hambro transfer slab
Practical and smart alternative to conventional podium concrete slabs.


Orthotropic steel deck
Cutting-edge solution for accelerated bridge construction or rehabilitation.