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Mission and Values



The pursuit of a better customer experience



To act with exemplary honesty in all of our dealings with customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees in order to maintain their highest possible trust.


Total client satisfaction: Exceptional service
To respect and meet our external and internal customers’ expectations by providing flexible solutions through open communication, responsiveness and on-time delivery of reliable and high-quality products and services.


Excellent relations with our personnel and business partners
To foster a work environment in which open communication, development, opportunities for advancement and equitable practices prevail and where employee achievements are recognized. To preserve a climate of mutual trust with our business partners.


First-quality products: Non-negotiable
To deliver products that meet recognized standards and customer expectations by establishing and maintaining procedures for quality through continuous improvement without compromise on material, design and workmanship.


High-efficiency production
Maintain our fabrication processes at peak efficiency by supporting the implementation of best practices at all our facilities.


Safe, clean and orderly work environment
To develop commitment and take action to maintain standards to provide a safe, clean and orderly work environment with the latest equipment and technology.


Good corporate citizen
To respect laws and regulations, to protect the environment and to encourage corporate and employee involvement in the community.