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Please note that the benefits offered by Canam Group have eligibility requirements and may differ from one region to another.

We recognize the importance of having working conditions that are fair and equitable and that are competitive with market practices. Our pay structures are reviewed on a regular basis. Each employee meets annually with his immediate supervisor to review the last 12-month period, establish the employee’s development needs, plan development activities and discuss the employee’s career goals and aspirations. This meeting also provides the opportunity to discuss the employee’s salary review.

Professional development and career advancement are part of our corporate culture.

We are strongly committed to keeping employees up-to-date on new developments within the company through an open and transparent communication process. We use various communication tools, such as the intranet, newsletters and bulletin boards, to keep all our employees well informed. Employees are regularly convened to  information meetings for presentations on the company’s performance. They are briefed on the company’s financial results, the latest news, projects, transfers, appointments, new employees and the profit-sharing program. Regular team meetings are also organized for shop employees.

We also want employees to feel comfortable approaching their supervisor or any member of management. Managers have an open-door policy to encourage dialogue.

We understand the importance of sharing the company’s financial success with all employees of the profit-sharing plan. The payments are based on the company’s earnings. Senior managers also have a profit-sharing plan, which is in keeping with market practices.

We offer a complete range of benefits, including life insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, health and dental care as well as a travel assistance program for business trips or vacation outside the country. The group insurance plan has a flexible approach to better meet the specific needs of employees with individual or family coverage.

Financial security becomes an increasingly important part of retirement planning over time. We are well aware of this fact and offer the opportunity to plan for a more comfortable and enjoyable retirement. Both the employee and the employer contribute to these plans.

We are pleased to offer our Canadian employees and their dependants a free telemedicine service that contributes to their health and well-being. The program includes consultations with general practitioners with whom they can connect via text, audio or video conferencing, anywhere, anytime from a phone, tablet or computer.

Our employees benefit from a work schedule adapted to their needs. A flexible work schedule, offered at a number of our business locations, allows employees to successfully juggle work with the demands of family life.

We are committed to recognizing employees for their loyalty and dedication over the years. Each year we honor employees who have reached milestone years of service as well as retired employees. Employees receive gifts according to their years of service.

The outstanding achievements of our employees are rewarded under the LeanOvation Program. We believe that the people best suited to submit ideas for continuous improvement and to help implement them are our employees.

Our aim is to help employees balance their professional and family lives. The EAP is a confidential service available to employees who are going through a difficult time. It allows the opportunity  to get professional counselling or information.

We believe that continuous training is a key element in fostering the development of our employees and ensuring succession planning. We strongly urge all employees to make their training needs known. Each individual’s training needs are taken into consideration, and group training is provided where necessary.

We encourage our employees and their family members to get to know one another outside the work environment by taking part in social activities organized by the company or the social club. The company contributes financially to  these activities.