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A Group’s Life Experiences

We take great pride in the multitude of achievements that have marked our group’s history over the years and even more in the testimonials we get from our employees, who take an active part in the development of Canam Group. Whether they are involved with product design, customer service, just-on-time delivery or research and development, their focus is always on the customer and on meeting customer needs.



Sadie Fluet

Sadie Fluet


In 2000, I had the opportunity to do contractual work within a division of the Canam Group. A few months later, I was offered the position of Draft Clerk for another division. I joined the Goodco Z-Tech team as a receptionist in 2007, and I am currently employed as a Buyer. There is clearly a great deal of potential for advancement and change.

I enjoy working with a dynamic team in an environment where mutual cooperation and good humour reign on a daily basis, even during peak periods.