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India – About Us

History of Canam Kolkata Inc. 

Canam Group’s presence in India started with joist detailing. The initiative started on April 10, 1997. This initiative successfully continued for one year. Thereafter, based on the commitment and potential of Kolkata resources and market, the small unit was recognized as liaison office of Canam Group. Over the years, as the number of employees grew, Canam Kolkata moved to a bigger space in Salt Lake Sector V. With the approval of the Reserve Bank of India, the liaison office was converted to a branch office with the name Steel Plus Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canam Group effective April 1, 2000. Recently, the name has been changed to Canam Kolkata Inc. effective April 2, 2019.


Brief About Us

Canam Kolkata Inc. as an organization is totally committed to excellence in everything it does and stands for.

We are regularly reaching new heights as we are immensely supported by a team of great expertise. We succeed by working together, the aim is to drive the whole organisation to the very top. Safety for all is always in the forefront of our mind. 


What We Do

Our team in Kolkata provides 3D structural steel modelling, 3D BIM modelling, steel joist and deck detailing and estimating services for constructions such as buildings, steel structures and bridges. We work for Canam plants and offices in Canada and the United States and for other North American steel fabricators.