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Section intended for our employees and their family members to keep them informed of the measures implemented by Canam in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Update of May 7

Canam Training on Preventive Measures and Consent Form

Several Covid-19 prevention measures have been put in place in the various Canam Group facilities to protect employees. We have grouped together all of the health measures implemented and the expected prevention behaviours in a short 8-minute video.

As an employee of Canam Group, it is mandatory to listen to this video before returning to the workplace and afterwards, you must complete the electronic consent form to respect these measures. For the moment, the forms for the Boucherville, Calgary, Mississauga and bridge fabrication plants are available since these are the plants in operation. 

Different means of control are taken for employees at the St. Gédéon plant and those with access to jobsites. As more administrative offices are opened for employees, forms will be added.

Click on your facility to complete the correct form.

Reminder of compliance

For production employees who have been at work for some time, we remind you that it is very important to continue to follow the measures implemented by Canam. Your vigilance in respecting the instructions must remain constant and not be relaxed for your own protection and that of your colleagues.

Update of May 6

Updating your contact information and email

More than ever, we may need to communicate with employees (production and office) through different means. If you haven’t already done so, we ask that you update or confirm your personal contact information, e-mail address and cell phone number which will be entered in your employee file in the Human Resources Department. We also ask you for the name and contact information of a person to contact in case of an emergency. To do so, we ask you to fill out the form below. Except for employees in our overseas offices (Brasov and Kolkata). This information will be kept in strict confidence and used only in case of emergency.