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Section intended for our employees and their family members to keep them informed of the measures implemented by Canam in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update of March 8, 2021

Vigilance Against COVID-19 is Important Now More than Ever
We are back from spring break or soon will be, and we must continue to be cautious about COVID-19, not to slacken in the application of measures (wearing a mask, handwashing, physical distancing, etc.) The measures must be rigorously followed, both at work and in our personal life, to prevent the spread of the virus from increasing again.

Many of our locations are now in orange zones or the equivalent depending on the region. Being in an orange zone does not mean that normal life before COVID is back. We must continue to be vigilant, even though there is a strong temptation to depart with the measures deployed. In Canam’s facilities, the measures remain the same you have been applying for several months. 

The emergence of variants is a concern. The isolation measures to be followed in the case of a variant are even more restrictive than what we have known for the affected individual, their family, colleagues and Canam. We therefore want to avoid at all costs the appearance of variants in our workplace.

The individual responsibility of each person is major to prevent the entry of the virus in our facilities and especially of a strain with variant. We must remain vigilant for ourselves, our families and our colleagues until the vaccine has been administered to a majority of the population and the situation is under complete control.

Of course, the rules for teleworking do not change. If you are currently teleworking, you must continue to do so, regardless of the color of the area in which the facility where you are working is located. Your supervisor remains available to answer your questions in this regard.

Thank you for continuing to collaborate as you have done since the beginning of the pandemic.