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Instructions — Closure and Government Programs (Layoffs)

Update of June 5

News From our Business Locations

Recently, we were updating you on the return-to-work rates for our production colleagues, many of whom have been recalled to work. At that time, the majority of office employees were teleworking. Here is an overview of the dates for the gradual return of colleagues in the offices.

  • Boucherville (manufacturing of purlins and girts, and steel deck): Due to the configuration of the offices, only 20% of the office employees are on site at the same time. A rotation is done between the work teams.
  • Boucherville (administrative centre): The exact date for the gradual return of employees is not yet known since water damage occurred a few weeks ago and renovations are underway to restore everything. Access should be possible by the end of June.
  • Brasov: A minority of employees (3%), at their request, work from the Brasov office, with all others still teleworking since government guidelines remain in place and favour teleworking. It is only in the week of June 29 that a first bigger group of approximately 15% will be able to return to the office, this being subject to change according to the instructions in place by the authorities.
  • Calgary: At present, approximately 50% of employees are in the office while the other portion is still teleworking. By July 1, 100% of office colleagues should be back on location.
  • Claremont: Office employees all work from home, with the exception of four people. 
  • Kolkata: Currently, 50% of employees are back at the Kolkata office and new colleagues are added every week. All other people continue to telework.
  • Laval: About 35% of the office employees work from the Laval site, with the remainder are teleworking. The situation will be reviewed every two weeks to add colleagues on site.
  • Mississauga: In the offices, more than 80% of employees are still teleworking while the remaining minority are commuting to the plant. Colleagues are welcome back to the office with the agreement of their supervisor, all measures having been put in place to ensure their safety.
  • Moncton: Approximately 20% of employees in the Moncton office will be able to return to the site on June 8.
  • Quebec City (drafting and engineering office): As of Monday, June 8, 20% of our colleagues will have access to reintegrate the drafting and engineering office located in Quebec City.
  • Quebec City (bridge manufacturing): A majority of office employees are still teleworking, while 35% commute to the Quebec City plant site. The addition of people to work in the office is reviewed every two weeks. 
  • St. Gédéon: The addition of colleagues to the St. Gédéon office is being done gradually. Currently at 30%, this percentage will be increased to 40% on June 8 and to 50% on June 15, which will be the maximum percentage for the moment. The other office colleagues continue to telework.
  • St. Georges: As of June 10, 20% of employees will return to the company’s head office. Additional groups of 10% will be added in the following weeks.


Several of our manufacturing facilities have started recruiting new people to join our team. We invite you to consult the list of available positions. Candidates who wish to join our team are invited to send us their information using the electronic form or to contact us by phone before coming to one of our sites. This is to protect our recruiters, all of our employees as well as the candidates themselves.

Update of June 1st

News From our Plants

The majority of our production colleagues are back at work while most of our office colleagues are still teleworking. Those who work from a Canam office are connected to our production activities. Here is an overview of the activity in our various locations. Canam Group has put in place, wherever people are at work, numerous measures according to the recommendations of the various authorities to ensure the protection of colleagues.

Joist, deck and structure fabrication

  • Boucherville: In the two manufacturing sectors of the Boucherville plant, purlins and girts, as well as steel deck, nearly 75% of employees are back at work. Within two weeks, the vast majority of production colleagues will be back at their posts. In the offices, the vast majority work from home.
  • Calgary: Since the beginning of the pandemic, only the plant in Calgary, Alberta has not lost a single day of production since construction has always been considered an essential service in that province. Currently, 88% of production employees are at work and in the office, it is about 50% while the others are still teleworking.  
  • Mississauga: Although production was slowed by the pandemic at the Mississauga, Ontario plant, very few workdays were lost. Currently, 100% of production employees are back at work. In the offices, more than 80% are still teleworking while the remaining minority are traveling to the plant. 
  • St. Gédéon: The St. Gédéon plant, for production, is operating at almost full capacity. Indeed, about 5% of the production employees have not yet been called back to work and if all goes according to plan, during the week of June 8, 100% of the production colleagues will return to work. In the offices, in order to limit the number of people on site and to provide better protection for colleagues with critical positions, less than 25% of employees have returned, the others are teleworking.

Bridge fabrication

  • Claremont: Canam Group’s plant in Claremont, New Hampshire continues to operate at 100% as it has since the beginning of the pandemic. Office employees are all working from home, with the exception of four people. 
  • Laval: All production employees have been called back to work, while in the offices, only a limited number of people are accessing the site, the others are teleworking. It should also be noted that new equipment is being installed in order to continue to improve the offer to our customers.
  • Quebec City: While very few office employees work directly on the Quebec City plant site, 100% of the production employees were recalled to work with all the measures put in place to ensure their protection against COVID-19. In order to increase production capacity, expansion work will soon begin at the Quebec City location.
  • Shawinigan: Like their colleagues who manufacture bridge components, production employees at the Shawinigan plant have been 100% recalled to work. Work is currently underway to expand the production area. People in the offices are working either from home or from the site. 

Administrative and drafting offices

  • The majority of people in administrative offices including those in India, Romania, Canada and the United States are still teleworking. It should be noted that our colleagues in India have gradually started to reintegrate the office.

Update of April 28

Quebec – gradual reopening of the manufacturing sector and jobsites

  • There will be a partial reopening of manufacturing operations in Quebec as of May 11. The number of employees per shift must meet certain conditions. Possibility of full opening on May 25.
  • All construction sites in Quebec will be able to reopen on May 11. 
  • We must continue to apply the rules put in place by public health and the CNESST (H&S authority), and therefore maintain, among other things, the physical distance and hygiene guidelines in our plants. 
  • The Human Resources Department of each plant will proceed with the usual recalls in accordance with the recall procedures in place. Please wait for your call before reporting for work. 
  • All employees who can telework will be required to continue to do so and when the time comes, the return to the office will be gradual and with the supervisor’s approval.

Information as of April 28. The government has indicated that this may be subject to change.

Update of April 6

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

For colleagues who need to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, and therefore have not yet applied for Employment Insurance, the form is now available online. Here are the days to apply based on your month of birth:

If you were born in the month of

Apply for CERB on

Your best day to apply

January, February or March


April 6

April, May, or June


April 7

July, August, or September


April 8

October, November, or December


April 9

Any month Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays  


  • Last Friday, Ontario Premier announced that the province is closing parts of the construction industry as part of efforts to contain COVID-19. Canam understands the government’s decision and has scaled back operations at the Mississauga plant to adjust to essential operations. It is important that everyone act collectively to limit the spread of the virus. Canam’s colleagues are important, and as soon as we are allowed to resume suspended operations, will be happy to see you all back at work. 
  • For production employees, please ensure that your phone numbers are up to date in our systems. To make a change, contact your local Human Resources Department by phone or email. Specific instructions can be sent to you in this manner.
  • Information will be communicated via the Canam Group website, we invite you to sign up for text alerts to be aware of any new information we may have to communicate to you.

Update of April 2

Government of Canada Programs

In the context of the current pandemic situation, the Canadian government has recently introduced, in a hurry manner, new programs for laid-off employees and other programs for businesses requiring short-term financial assistance.

In order to reduce the confusion, we felt it was important to make a few nuances. It is also important to point out that, as of the date of publication of these lines, many details are still to come, but the main points can be summarized as follows:

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (for employees)
    • The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) is a program to support Canadians by providing emergency financial assistance to salaried workers who have been laid off in connection with COVID-19. It provides a payment of $2,000 for a period of 4 weeks (equivalent to $500 per week), up to a maximum of 16 weeks.
    • For employees laid off after March 15, the CERB applies. If your application is already completed for Employment Insurance, the transfer will be automatic to the CERB. For those who have not yet completed their application, you will be able to register as of April 6, 2020.
  • Employment Insurance (EI) (for employees)
    • For employees laid off before March 15, 2020, regular EI benefits apply.
  • Others
    • Concerning employees with reduced hours, details will be communicated to you in the coming days.
  • 75% Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (for businesses)
    • In recent days, several colleagues have been asking questions about the 75% Emergency Wage Subsidy. It is important to specify that this program is intended for businesses and not for employees.
    • The grant will be paid to companies only if they demonstrate a 30% drop in revenue related to COVID-19 and will be a percentage (75%) of actual salaries paid to employees who remain at work, up to certain maximum amounts. 

Update of April 1

Employment Insurance and Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

As already mentioned, we still advise employees on temporary layoff due to COVID-19 to apply for Employment Insurance, even if it will be transferred to the CERB. In fact, during his daily press briefing, Prime Minister Trudeau mentioned that if you have already applied for Employment Insurance, you will not have to reapply in the CERB on April 6.

Update of March 31

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

Last week the Canadian government announced the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Since the government program has not been released yet, it is very difficult at this time to have official information on this benefit. We are aware that several colleagues have questions about its application, the details of the payment, eligibility and so on. Please be advised that we continue to keep ourselves informed, but it is likely that details will not be known until the application site is accessible. The only thing that seems to be confirmed is that all Employment Insurance claims made on or after March 15 will be transferred to the CERB.

The Human Resources Department puts a great deal of effort into keeping informed of the various government programs and announcements made by the various levels of government. Stay in touch with our communications, as soon as the measures put in place are better defined we will keep you informed. For the moment, your Human Resources Managers unfortunately do not have any more information to communicate to you.

Update of March 26

Canada – CERB versus Employment Insurance

We continue to gather information regarding the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) versus Employment Insurance. As soon as we have confirmation from our resource-people at Service Canada, we will inform you. At this time, we still advise you to apply for Employment Insurance as soon as possible.

Update of March 25


Today, the Government of Canada announced the introduction of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to help workers and businesses. See the news release. We will be monitoring the situation closely to provide you with more information if necessary.

Update of March 24

Location in Mississauga, ON

Canam’s Mississauga plant remains open as its operations are currently considered essential by the Government of Ontario. Social distancing guidelines of 2 metres as well as hygiene measures continue to apply for the protection of all colleagues.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Statement

For all of our colleagues, as well as those on temporary layoff, it is important to notify your local Human Resources Manager if you or a family member were to receive a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. This will allow us to take the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.

The situation in Quebec

Canam Group temporarily ceases its manufacturing activities in Quebec as of today except for a strict minimum of operations to support activities considered essential and this, in compliance with and in the spirit of government regulations. The health and safety of colleagues will be at the forefront and the 2-metre social distance and hygiene measures will continue to apply for the protection of all colleagues.

Update of March 23

Closure of Quebec Workplaces by the Government

As of midnight on March 24, we are obliged to close our locations and jobsites in Quebec. 

Canam Group understands the Quebec government’s proactive decision. It is important that everyone act collectively to limit the spread of the virus. Canam’s colleagues are important, and as soon as we are authorized to resume operations, we will be happy to see you all back at work. In the meantime, we are keeping an eye on the government directives and will keep you informed via the website. We will confirm here the official date of return to work.

For production employees, please ensure that your phone numbers are up to date in our systems. To make a change, contact your local Human Resources Department by phone or email. Specific instructions may be sent to you in this manner. 


A Record of Employment will be issued for production employees starting the week of March 30.

For office employees with access to telework, your supervisors will get back to you with instructions within the next 48 to 72 hours. For those who do not have access to telework, a Record of Employment will be issued.


IMPORTANT: Subscribe to text message alerts to be aware of any new information we may have to communicate to you. We will continue to keep this information up to date.

Ontario Locations

Early this afternoon, Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford, announced the closure of all non-essential businesses for a period of 14 days starting at 11:59 pm on Tuesday evening. Premier Ford announced that the Ontario government will give clarity to which businesses will remain open in a press release tomorrow. Canam will give guidance tomorrow once the provincial government gives direction and certainty to this situation.

Other Canadian Provinces and the United States

No instructions have been issued to date for these locations. We continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.