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Historical Background

August 15, 1960

The Creation of Canam

Canam Steel Works Inc. is founded in St. Gédéon de Beauce, Quebec.

August 15, 1960

One of Canam’s Founders

One of Canam’s founders, Mr. Roger Dutil (right), with a carpenter and a site foreman. In the background, workers prepare the forms to pour the plant foundations.

September 15, 1960

Plant Construction

Fall 1960, workers use shovels to dig trenches for the foundations. The erection of the steel frame was completed during the winter of 1961.

May 5, 1961

Fabrication Begins

Fabrication begins on May 5, 1961. In the first year, approximately 2,000 tons of joists were fabricated. During the first year, all products were sold on the New England market.

April 5, 1964

Four Fires

Four fires marked the early years. The first fire destroyed part of the plant in April 1964. The others occurred in September 1968, February 1973 and February 1974.


The Foundation of Manac

Canam’s needs for means to transport its products coupled with the long delivery delays of tractor-trailer manufacturers incite Marcel Dutil to found Manac in 1966.