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Historical Background


Hambro Structures

Canam acquires an ownership interest in Hambro Structures and begins fabricating D500 composite floor joists.

July 10, 1972

Acquisition of Canam Steel Works

Acquisition of Canam Steel Works by Manac in July 1972. Marcel Dutil becomes the sole owner of Canam. The Canam Manac Group Inc. is created the following year.


A Plant in Boucherville

Construction of a plant in 1974-1975 in Boucherville, Quebec. This facility will house steel deck production activities until 1988 as well as a sales office and a Manac service center.


Canam Installs a Slitter and a Rolling Mill

Canam installs a slitter and a rolling mill at the St. Gédéon de Beauce plant and begins fabricating its own custom-made angle irons, which are used to fabricate steel joists.



Canam Steel Works opens a first sales office in the Toronto area in Ontario.



The Canam Manac Group Inc. acquires Treco in 1977. The company will participate in several projects in Algeria from 1980 to 1985.