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Historical Background

February 2003

Marc Dutil

Marc Dutil is named President and Chief Operating Officer of The Canam Manac Group Inc.


Sale of Manac

Adoption of a strategic plan aimed at dividing The Canam Manac Group’s activities into nine business units. This major reorganization leads to the sale of Manac and Tanguay Industries.

January 1, 2005

Groupe Canam inc.

The Canam Manac Group Inc. becomes Canam Group Inc.

January 1, 2005

Steel Plus Network

Canam Group completes the sale of Steel Plus Network. Steel fabricating members acquire 55% while Canam Group retains a 45% ownership interest in the company.


Goodco and Z-Tech

Canam Group acquires Goodco and Z-Tech, two companies that fabricate structural bearings and expansion joints used in the construction of highway infrastructures and bridges.


St. Gédéon Plant

Expansion of the St. Gédéon plant which will increase part of the surface area of plant 8 by 35,000 sq. ft. (3,220 m2). The investment was made to increase production capacity in the heavy steel and bridge markets.


United Steel Structures Limited (USSL)

Canam Group acquires 49% ownership in United Steel Structures Limited (USSL), a company that operates a heavy structural steel and bridge fabrication plant in Guangzhou, China.


Acquisition of a bridge plant in New Hampshire

Canam Group acquires assets of Eastern Bridge, LLC, in Claremont, New Hampshire, that specializes in the fabrication of steel structures for highway and railway bridges.