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A Challenge to Canam’s Measure

September 6, 2019

Structube, a family-owned business, had a mega building built in Laval, Quebec. With a total area of 601,725 square feet (55,902.3 square meters) including mezzanines, it comprises a distribution centre, a store and administrative offices for its new head office, formerly in Montreal. The 40,000-square foot (3,716.1-square meter) store opened its doors on August 10, to the great delight of its customers.


In order to meet the customer’s requirements, Canam provided two teams of steel erectors to close the structure before December 25, 2018. With a very tight deadline, the assembly was completed a week before the date.

Canam products on this project:

  • Standard and non-standard joists
  • Joist girders
  • Steel deck
  • Conventional steel structure
  • Purlins and girts
  • Bridging