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A Contract That Brought Another

April 26, 2016

Canam-Buildings has been granted a plant expansion contract in Trois-Rivières due to Canam-Bridges obtaining the future Champlain Bridge contract in May 2015.

Marmen, a business partner of Canam Group for nearly 15 years with 24 projects completed to date, contacted Canam-Buildings for the expansion of its Trois-Rivières’ plant, to produce the components for the new Champlain Bridge!

Buildmaster-MarmenThis plant, originally built in 2006 by Canam, is in its second expansion and includes:

  • 78 tons of long span joists measuring 64′-0″ long,
  • 42,400 ft2 (23,939 m2) of steel deck,
  • 350 tons of structural steel, and
  • 98 Murox load-bearing wall panels measuring 44′-10″ long, in one piece.

With the BuildMaster appoach, the constuction took place over nine weeks in difficult winter conditions.

About Marmen

Marmen, a multi-service company, is specialized in manufacturing, high-precision machining and mechanical assembly of parts of all sizes.