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Canam-Bridges Changes the Ergonomics of Goodco Z-Tech Web Pages

October 26, 2017

Canam-Bridges, a subsidiary of Canam Group, has made changes to the ergonomy of its website, more specifically to the web pages where Goodco Z-Tech products are presented. On the Internet, everything happens very fast. A new visitor only needs a few seconds to decide if he stays on the site and browses through it or if he goes to the page of a competitor. It is therefore important that visitors enjoy reading what is presented, that they feel comfortable to request an online quote and especially that they want to return to the site and share its content with their communities on social networks.

It is important that product pages are optimized to position the site among the first results of any search engine such as Google, which is the first means of navigation for the majority of customers seeking information. The first step towards this goal was to eliminate accordion menus in pages where Goodco Z-Tech products are presented. In fact, Google does not index pages where some of the content is hidden, as is the case with an accordion menu navigation system. Therefore, it is harder for the user to search for a particular product, such as structural bearings or expansion joints.

Through this initiative Canam-Bridges, on one hand, wants to make the visit of Net surfers as pleasant as possible and on the other hand, improve the natural referencing of its site in Google and thus generate increased visibility of its Internet and traffic.