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Canam Buildings Selected Health and Safety Crew of the Month

May 1, 2019

Everyone plays an important role when it comes to health and safety on construction sites!

To promote health and safety and encourage their employees to get involved, Canam Buildings has recently established a number of initiatives, including Safety Training for Canam job site visitors. Moreover, in the past few weeks, Canam introduced a Health and Safety Excellence Award for employees in all Canam joists and deck locations. This awareness is also present among our business partners, including Pomerleau, who also recognizes the importance of a health and safety recognition program. Recognizing leadership and outstanding performance as part of a safe work environment is the object of this program.

Canam Buildings Health and Safety Crew of the Month at the Willow Square project

Canam Buildings Health and Safety Crew of the Month at the Willow Square project

We are proud to announce that the Canam Buildings – Hambro team, led by Pier-Luc Samson, Project Manager, and Behtash Abdi, Director, Project Management, won the honors last February on the Willow Square seniors’ residence project located in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

This distinction was awarded by Pomerleau to the team of Canam Buildings and its subcontractor Tom Dolarakis. The latter was responsible for the fabrication of the load-bearing steel stud walls on-site and the installation of walls, structure and Hambro D500 composite floor. The team distinguished itself by demonstrating significant improvement in areas of previous struggles.

Credit: Pomerleau

As mentioned by Mr. Dolarakis, Health and safety is a team effort:

“As leader of my crew, I find it very important to put safety first. I go to work every day knowing that my guys and I have each other’s back, and we are constantly watching one another. Being an ironworker is a challenging task as we work at heights and in other dangerous situations.”

Congratulations to the entire team who demonstrated exemplary behavior, a model of success for our future turnkey projects.