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Canam Group Adheres to World Quality Day

November 9, 2017

“Celebrating Everyday Leadership” is the theme chosen this year by the organizers of the World Quality Day. At CANAM, we understand the importance of impactful Leadership to shape the right strategy and provide the right resources to deliver quality products. The company has been on a Lean journey to stabilize and improve our processes. In 2017, our focus has increased from manufacturing operations to all value stream processes; from quote to customer payment.

Per Mark Ward, Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence, “The capability to successfully execute a repeatable process produces safety, quality, and profits for our customers and Canam.”

Customer experience and product quality is influenced by every interaction along the value stream beginning at clarity of customer request through design and manufacture to delivery and invoicing.

Employee experience is a result of having the right design, materials, tools, process methods, timing, and clarity of communication. “When we speak from the heart, we speak about the safety and success of our People. We understand that processes which are in ‘control’ are safe and efficient.” said Marc Dutil, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Canam has been known for designing integrated solutions and fabricating customized products for more than 50 years. The expertise acquired over the years enables it to play an influential role within the industry. We are investing in people and processes to create near-term and long-term sustainable customer experience.