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Canam Group Adheres to World Quality Day

November 10, 2016

“Managing quality: Making operational governance count” is the theme chosen this year by the organizers of the World Quality Day. This theme could serve as a prelude to Canam Group’s mission of providing a “Better customer experience”. At Canam Group, we value the desire to provide customers with first quality products and exceptional service not only in our mission, but also in keeping with the values of the Corporation and our daily actions.

“Nowadays, quality and service are fundamental elements” said Annie Paquet, Senior Vice President, Innovation Support. “Customers expect to receive first quality products and demand satisfaction from their first contact with the Company. It is not only about the fabrication process, it is an attitude that should be implemented and all employees have a role to play” she added.

Canam Group has been known for designing integrated solutions and fabricating customized products for more than 50 years. The expertise acquired over the years enables it to play an ever greater role within the industry. We can conclude by saying that the investments of recent years in innovation and service are directly associated with our efforts of providing a better customer experience.


World Quality Day is annually celebrated on the second Thursday in November.