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Canam Group Optimizes its Participation in the CISC Steel Rendez-vous

October 18, 2017

The 9th edition of Steel Rendez-Vous, organized by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, will be held on October 23, 2017 under the theme “The Sky is the Limit for Steel”. This symposium will bring together a group of specialists and three Canam Group employees, whose expertise is recognized in their respective fields of activity will deliver short addresses on advanced technology as well as research findings on certain products and services used in the construction of bridges. In addition, for the sixth consecutive year, Canam Group is one of the STEEL sponsors of the event.

Metallized and Combined Metallized/Galvanized Surfaces in Bolted Steel Bridge Connections

Éric Lévesque, Eng., M. Sc., Project Services Manager, Canam-Bridges and
Maxime Ampleman, Eng. M. Sc., Structural Engineer, Canam-Bridges

Metallization and galvanization are proven and effective solutions for the protection of steel surfaces. During their presentation, Éric Lévesque, Eng., M. Sc., Project Services Manager and Maxime Ampleman, Eng., M. Sc., Structural Engineer, both working for Canam-Bridges, will present recent findings on slip characteristics of combined metallized/galvanized surfaces in slip-critical bolted connections.

The Durability of Pot Bearings

Parinaz Pakniat, Eng. M. Sc.A., Engineering Manager at Goodco Z-Tech, a product of Canam-Bridges

Structural bearings are key to enabling freedom of movement between a structure and its seating. As sustainability has become increasingly important, studies have been conducted on pot bearings designed and manufactured by Goodco Z-Tech. During her presentation, Parinaz Pakniat, Eng. M. Sc.A., Engineering Manager at Goodco Z-Tech, a product of Canam-Bridges, will speak about studies that have been made on projects for the ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports (MTMEQ) on which pot bearings were installed.