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Canam Group Participates in Operation Red Nose

December 7, 2016

Employees of Canam Group in St. Gédéon and St. Georges participated in Operation Red Nose on November 25 and 26. This volunteer activity allowed to safely escort people to their destination at the beginning of this holiday season. In the Beauce-Etchemins region, a total of 127 volunteers contributed to a minimum of 101 escorts during this first weekend of Operation Red Nose. For these two nights, more than 50% of teams working in the Chaudière sector came from Canam Group. Mr. Steeve Labbé, Coordinator of Operation Red Nose for the region, greatly thanked Canam Group staff by means of a press release  where he described people as being “made of steel but with a heart of gold”. 


Canam Group volunteer escorts for the evening of November 25. First row: François Bégin, Vice President, Communications; Christian Nadeau, Manager of Building Services; Alyre Lachance, Plant Superintendent; Monia Giroux, Assistant Manager, Human Resources; Pauline Quirion, Executive Secretary; Danika Mongeau and Laurie Quirion, Human Resources Advisors; Mathieu Landry, Laurie Quirion’s spouse. Second row: Claude Provost, Senior Vice President Shared Services and Organizational Development; Gaston Genest, Production and Transport Coordinator; Mario Boutin and Alex Gilbert, Foremen; Marc-Antoine Rosa, Structural Engineer; Eric Faucher, Plant Superintendent and his spouse Vanessa Boily.

No group photo was taken of the volunteer team of November 26, but it consisted of: Renaud Nadeau, Production Manager; Julie Barriault, Human Resources Manager and her spouse Michel Beaudoin; Simon Bureau, IT Business Solutions Manager and his spouse Betty Lachance; and Jérémy Blanchet, Programmer-Analyst.

A video was published to mark the start of the 31st edition of Operation Red Nose Beauce-Etchemins. Several Canam Group team members can be seen waiting for the opportunity to get to work.