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The Canam Group Plant in St. Gédéon de Beauce Receives “ICI ON RECYCLE!” Program Certificate

December 19, 2012

The Canam Group plant located in St. Gédéon de Beauce was recently awarded the Level 3 Certificate of Performance by ICI ON RECYCLE!, a provincial recycling program administered by RECYC-QUÉBEC. The plant’s residual waste recovery rate was established at 90.5%, placing it in the Gold category.

Ici on recycle!A Level 3 Certificate of Performance, the most difficult of all to attain, recognizes the efforts of companies that have achieved elevated standards in terms of residual waste revalorization. Establishments who receive this certification have put in place various measures to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim residual waste materials designated by the Québec residual materials management policy.

For the St. Gédéon de Beauce plant, this distinction is a source of pride that confirms its commitment to safeguarding the environment. Pierre Bourque, Environmental Manager for Canam Group, specified: “We’re proud to inform our partners, customers and people in the region of this recognition, which was earned as a result of our efforts.”

Pierre Bourque

Pierre Bourque (third) with representatives of RECYC-QUÉBEC upon receiving the award.