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Canam Group Shines Outside Québec with Four CISC Awards of Excellence

May 30, 2017

Canam Group and its business units took center stage at the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Alberta and Ontario Steel Design Awards that took place in Edmonton and Toronto last May 4 and 9 respectively. The following projects took a total of four awards:


CISC — Alberta Chapter

Division: Canam-Structures

Category: Collaboration

Rogers Place, Edmonton, Alberta. The Collaboration Award is presented to the project team who demonstrates “added value” to the project through collaborative project delivery approaches throughout the design and/or construction process. To illustrate the scale of the Rogers Place arena project, 9,000 tons of structural steel components and over 8,000 shop drawings entered into its construction. The girder that towers over the centre of the arena is 338 feet (103 m) long and weighs 400 tons.


CISC — Ontario Chapter

Division: Canam-Bridges

Category: Bridges

Burgoyne Bridge, St. Catharines, Ontario. The Award of Excellence in the Bridges category recognizes vehicle and pedestrian bridges in which structural steel is the primary building material, with judges focusing particularly on fabrication and erection challenges. The Burgoyne Bridge is a seven-lane, 1,090-feet (333-m) highway bridge. The bridge structure is composed of 2,830 tons of steel components and incorporates 44 pot bearings as well as four modular expansion joints fabricated by Goodco Z-Tech, a product of Canam-Bridges.


Division: Canam-Structures

Category: Engineering

The BMO Field expansion project in Toronto, Ontario, received the Award of Excellence in the Engineering category, which recognizes buildings, process plants or other structures in which engineering considerations predominantly influenced the design and construction of the structure. The second phase of this expansion project consisted in the fabrication and installation of a partial roof composed of three canopies.

From a technical standpoint, the roof is suspended from the girder that sits above it. The roof was first assembled on the ground and then installed on shoring towers that were subsequently removed using a complex procedure. The rounded shape of the column members and main girders also required non-standard connections, all of which were designed by the Canam-Structures engineering team.


Division: Canam-Buildings

Category: Architectural

The Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library project in Vaughan, Ontario, received an Award of Excellence in Architecture, a category that recognizes buildings or other structures in which architectural considerations predominantly influenced the design of the structure.

Canam-Buildings supplied the steel deck components for this 36,000-square feet (3,306-m2 ) library, a project designed to meet LEED® Silver certification requirements.

Congratulations to all the winners!