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Canam Group to Present a Long-Span Joist System in the UK

March 10, 2016

After introducing its steel joist product in France through the means of a technology transfer agreement via Canam International, Canam Group is now preparing to launch a long-span joist system in the United Kingdom. The Canam Joist™ was certified compliant to Eurocode standards in 2013, obtained CE Marking Accreditation in 2014 and obtained SCI Assessed certification in February 2016. These accreditations and certifications are crucial as they confirm that the product has been designed and fabricated in compliance with specific standards and can circulate freely throughout EU countries.

A team recently conducted an exploratory development of the Canam Joist™ Long-Span Joist System on the UK market. The next step is to present the technical, environmental and competitive advantages of this product to architects, engineers and general contractors in order to develop a niche for this system that is widely used in North America but still relatively unknown in Europe.

Find out more about the Canam Joist™ Long-Span Joist System and consult the brochure.