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Canam Group Winner of the Jarret Award for Enterprise Integration in 2017

May 10, 2017

On Saturday April 29 was taking place the 29th edition of the Gala de l’Entreprise Beauceronne under the theme “Surrounding ourselves for growth”. During this event, Canam Group once again stood out by winning the Jarret award for Enterprise Integration. The corporation has earned this award recognizing its effort towards the integration of new employees coming from outside the Beauce region.

In view of the specialized labor shortage experienced in Beauce, Canam Group recruits in other regions and outside of the province of Quebec.  Prior to the arrival of new employees and their family, a team, supervised by the Human Resources Department from the St. Gédéon plant, helps the newcomers find a home.  Furthermore, a committee called ACTIFS (French for Welcome, Communicate, Witness the skills, Involve, Reliability and Service) has been put in place and comprises volunteers from the plant. These employees work in different fields of the production and their role is to help the new employees get familiar with their new work environment and to answer all of their questions. They also ease the integration of the new employees to the rest of the team during coffee breaks and lunch time.

The Gala de l’entreprise beauceronne is an event recognizing entrepreneurial excellence.  Congratulations to all winners!

Nancy Cameron, President of Cameron human resources has presented the Enterprise Integration Jarret Award to June Lamontange, Human Resources Coordinator and David Gravel, Human Resources Advisor for Canam Group.
Photo credit : Annie Gagné Photographe in collaboration with Impression GP