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Canam Mega-Project Completed in Eight Weeks!

February 23, 2012

Distribution Warehouse

This distribution centre – one of the largest buildings in Eastern Ontario – is slated to open in October 2012.

On December 16, Canam proudly celebrated the “topping off” of its mega food distribution warehouse construction project in Cornwall, Ontario. Nearly 1.5 million square feet (139 355 square meters) in size, the huge building was completed successfully for Broccolini Construction thanks to the BuildMaster approach.

The first 600,000 square feet (55 742 square meters) section was erected in only five weeks with the collaboration of Entreprises Eric Lemire, while the other section, over 800,000 square feet (74 320 square meters) in size, was put up in under eight weeks with Laplante Welding. Despite some delays due to foundation problems, the building was delivered 33% ahead of schedule.

For project manager Elio Perrazzino, this was a major accomplishment that demonstrates beyond any doubt the time savings and speed of execution generated by Canam when the business unit builds using the BuildMaster approach.

The building’s owner, a large U.S. discount chain in the process of expanding into Canada, has also recognized the benefits of Canam’s unique way of building, since other projects are presently under review.