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Canam’s Solution to Short Anchor Rods

January 11, 2021

Developed by Canam Buildings, the elongated Elocone nuts are used as a corrective measure when anchor rods in a foundation are installed too short to accommodate a standard nut.

How does it work?
The lower narrow section of the Elocone nut fits into the baseplate hole and is threaded onto the anchor rod to a minimum distance equal to the diameter of the rod.

The top larger section of the Elocone nut, similar to a standard nut, is used to tighten the Elocone to the baseplate as required.

Elocone nuts are available in various sizes to fit different anchor rod diameters and lengths to ensure a proper connection of the anchor rod to the baseplate.  

Ask our experts at 1-855-ELOCONE (356-2663) or visit our website for more information.