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Captivating Project in Saskatchewan for Canam-Bridges and Goodco Z-Tech

September 13, 2017

Canam-Bridges recently landed a contract for the fabrication of 14 spans to replace the railway bridge owned by the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) that crosses the North Saskatchewan River, close to the city of Ceepee just northwest of Saskatoon. The 14 spans will require the fabrication of 28 girders that will be assembled in the plant and then delivered as box girders. The longest box girder will measure 120,4 ft (36.7 meters) while the heaviest will weigh 271,000 lbs. (122,924 kg). A metallized coating is required on the extremities over a length of 1.5 meters as well as on the top and sides of the upper flanges. This contract also includes the fabrication of 56 Goodco Z-Tech spherical self-lubricating bronze bearings. These components will be used to replace 1,282 ft (390.8 meters) of this railway bridge that has a total length of 1,751 feet (533.7 meters).

Following a change in schedule for this project, the fabrication of box girders for this part of the bridge will not begin before the first months of 2018 at the Quebec City plant. The fabrication of Goodco Z-Tech products was also postponed until April 2018 at the Laval plant.

One project, two contracts and two customers

In addition, the Goodco Z-Tech team secured a second contract consisting of products for another section of the same bridge for the fabricator Supreme Steel. This contract includes the fabrication of 44 spherical self-lubricating bronze bearings and two laminated bearings. Fabrication is underway for this part of the project at the Laval plant and deliveries are slated to begin in October 2017.

Illustration of an assembled span measuring 120,4 ft (36.7 meters) in length by 9,8 ft (3 meters) in width by 11.2 ft (3.4 meters) in height and weighing 98,948 lbs. (44,882 kg)

Typical CN type bearing with spherical bronze plate