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Case study: Delta Hotels Thunder Bay project

November 5, 2019

During the design phase of the Delta Hotels in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the owner identified some problems that could not be solved by conventional construction methods without incurring additional costs. With a limited budget and a tight schedule, he reached out to Canam to handle the following problems:

  • Lack of space for the HVAC systems, electrical conduits and plumbing
  • Fire resistance for a building with a constant flow of customers
  • Soundproofing for bedrooms and other areas.

Space for systems and conduits

The open-web concept of the Hambro composite floor system was the ideal solution for the space problem. Indeed, it allowed an easy installation of the mechanical systems such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), electrical conduits and plumbing. This resulted in additional space being freed on each floor.

Safer, noise-proof buildings

Hambro composite floors have fire resistance properties and comply with UL/ULC standards, ideal for buildings with multiple fire risks. This composite floor system was combined with soundproofed load-bearing steel stud wall panels, which increased the soundproofing of each space.



“So that’s how Hambro really revolutionized the industry.”
⎼ Joe Bova, CEO & Partner of ReSolve Project Management Ltd. & Owner of the Delta Hotels Thunder Bay




A collaborative partnership

By combining Canam’s team of engineering experts, with the architect, general contractor and owner right from the moment the plans and engineering drawings were prepared, the risk of errors was minimized and costs were ultimately saved.

“Canam’s knowledge allowed to build a much better hotel.”
⎼ Joe Bova

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