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Des Laurentides Interchange: Box Girders Signed Structal-Bridges

March 29, 2012

Échangeur des Laurentides

One of the box girders ready to be shipped to the work site

Structal-Bridges recently delivered 10 box girders in the scope of the Des Laurentides Interchange rehabilitation project at the junction of Autoroute 15 and Autoroute 40 in Montreal. Structal-Bridges supplied 910 tons of steel components to customer G.T.S. (Les Grands Travaux Soter Inc.) for the fabrication of four structures that are being built as part of the project.

The box girders, which measure between 93 and 119 ft (28.3 and 36.3 m) in length and weigh from 85,000 to 130,000 lb. (38,555 and 58,967 kg) apiece, were fabricated, metalized, painted and assembled at the Canam Group plant in Quebec City between December 2011 and March 2012. Delivery of the components, which required specialized equipment, took place over a five-day period, from March 19 to 23. Goodco Z-Tech, a product of Structal-Bridges, also supplied 8 elastomeric pot bearings, 32 laminated bearings, 1 LG-2 modular expansion joint and 3 HSS expansion joints for the rehabilitation project.

Installation on the jobsite
Dominique Blouin, Technical and Construction Manager at Structal-Bridges, revealed a few of the project’s special characteristics: “The execution of this project was a challenge for our fabrication teams, given the curved and inclined geometry of the bridge in addition to its overall length, which is 510 feet (155.5 m). The installation of the girders for this bridge normally would have taken a minimum of five days, but given its location, installation had to be completed in a single night. We therefore had a team onsite to verify the assembly and ensure that any and all potential problems were eliminated prior to installation. Our involvement was a crucial component in the successful outcome of this Herculean task.”

Échangeur des Laurentides

Photo: Agence QMI
Installation of a box girder at the Des Laurentides Interchange

The installation of the box girders, which was executed using accelerated bridge construction techniques, took place during the weekend of March 24-25. Some 100 workers assisted by 10 cranes completed the installation of the 10 girders simultaneously in order to meet the tight deadline.

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