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Dorval Interchange: Fabrication and Installation Challenges

December 8, 2016

Canam Group has begun fabricating steel components for the Dorval interchange reconstruction project in Quebec at its Quebec City and Shawinigan plants.

Canam-Bridges will supply 14 box girders, the heaviest weighing in at 84 tons, and 16 standard girders. These components will be used in building two parallel flyover bridges that will pass over six railway lines. In terms of coatings, the exterior of the box girders will be metalized and painted, and the interior of the box girders as well as standard girders will be painted. Canam-Bridges is also supplying Goodco Z-Tech structural bearings and expansion joints.

In addition, Canam will be responsible for erecting the structures and safety barriers through its subsidiary St. Lawrence Erectors.

This project has several unique challenges, including manufacturing box girders with complex geometries and cambers. The camber is the transverse slope designed in the cross-profile of the bridge surface to help counteract the centrifugal force of a vehicle moving around a bend. In addition, since railway traffic cannot be interrupted, installation will be laborious and restrictive—creating yet another challenge.

Fabrication of the 1,525 tons of steel components will continue until February 2017, and installation will be completed in the fall of 2017.


Michael Roy Labrie, welder at the Quebec City plant, welding a box girder for the Dorval interchange project.