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Future Leaders Program: Building the Future of the Construction Industry

December 19, 2019

With the future of the construction industry at heart, Canam initiated the Future Leaders program, which aims at better understanding the challenges of those under 35 years of age in this field.

This highly curated think tank program, held in Boston, Massachusetts last December, brought together fourteen participants from different areas of the industry.

Engineers, architects, general contractors, steel fitters and other professionals pondered upon ways to actively contribute to future improvements by exchanging ideas, exploring new perspectives and delving into current and future challenges. These discussions were supported by renowned speakers.

“The interests of the major players of the construction industry are not always aligned, but it is obvious that they are all interdependent. It was very encouraging to see young leaders from technology companies, engineering, construction, fabrication and erection discuss a more collaborative, more innovative future and, as they rightly said, more inclusive for women,” said Marc Dutil, President and CEO, Canam Group.

The group will meet twice a year and will strive to build the future of construction together.

The group during one of their working sessions.