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Representatives of Elected Officials visited Canam Group’s Plant in Point of Rocks

December 19, 2013

Point of Rocks, Maryland Officials

Three representatives of elected officials of Maryland are given explanations from Randy Leonard during a plant visit.

On December 11, three representatives of elected officials of Maryland visited Canam Group’s plant in Point of Rocks. In fact, a visit was organized for Kevin Mack, Field Representative for Congressman John Delaney, Juliana Albowicz, Special Assistant to Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Robin Summerfield, Field Representative to Senator Benjamin Cardin.

The visit, which aimed at raising awareness for Canam Group, Point of Rocks’ plant, and the entire industry, was conducted by the plant’s superintendents Randy Leonard for the joists and Joe Shillingburg for the bridges and structural steel.

The comments from the representatives following this visit were very eloquent: ‘’I have learned a lot about Canam and its remarkable contribution to the region’’, said Robin Summerfield. For his part, Kevin Mack mentioned living an incredible experience and was impressed by Canam Group and its operations. As for Julianna Albowicz, she greatly thanked Randy and Joe for ‘’rolling out the red carpet’’ for them during this visit.