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Job and employment scams using Canam identity on Internet

June 8, 2017

It was brought to our attention that job postings and employment opportunity scams using Canam’s identity are targeting people looking for a job.

Some scammers were duplicating our job opportunities posted on different websites or were creating fake job postings on behalf of Canam. They contact people by email or by phone for interview or to request personal information for a job offer with Canam.

Occasionally scammers send candidates a counterfeit cheque from Canam and ask to transfer a portion of the sum through a money transfer service or via cheque. The offers might involve the payment of an up-front start-up fee such as a training fee.

Please be aware that under no circumstance does Canam Group ask for personal information at this stage of the hiring process, and does not offer an amount of money for training.

Our recruiters use email addresses that end with or Please ignore any communication relating to our job opportunities that do not end with these addresses.

Our job opportunities can be found on our website at

To report a scam using Canam Group identity, please contact us via email: or by phone 1-877-499-6049