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Joint Donation from Canam Group and NPI Group to Moisson Beauce

May 30, 2022

Canam Group and NPI Group donated 36,000 boxes of mac and cheese to Moisson Beauce to support them in their mission to fight poverty. 


For Marc Dutil, President and CEO of Canam Group, helping local organizations that contribute to reducing food insecurity directly in our communities is essential. “With the price increases of many basic necessities, such as gas and food, our social responsibility as a company takes on its full meaning. Moisson Beauce’s activities are indispensable in our region and that is why Canam chooses to support them,” adds Marc Dutil.


Moisson Beauce collects, sorts and transforms surplus food products from the agri-food industry to redistribute them free of charge to its network of accredited organizations that fight poverty in the Chaudière-Appalaches and Granit regions.


NPI Group is a family business that operates in the field of distribution to supermarkets, medium-sized stores, drugstores, independents, etc.

Donated boxes of mac and cheese to Moisson Beauce

Mrs Lisa Faucher, Acting Executive Manager of Moisson Beauce, with the products.