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Joint Recruitment Campaign with Manac in Beauce

August 5, 2021

A major recruitment campaign is underway in the greater Beauce area since the end of July. Carried out jointly by Canam Group and Manac, the theme of the campaign is “Choose your job”. Operated separately since 2004, many similarities still exist in the working conditions of the two companies. They both need to recruit new people and have decided to join forces for a promotional campaign to increase their mutual visibility and attract more candidates.

Capitalizing on the differences between the two companies, such as the products they manufacture, the location of the plant or the industry in which they operate, the campaign will be broadcast for a few weeks on various platforms, both traditional and digital. By highlighting the differences between the two companies, job seekers and those who wish to grow in a new company will be able to choose the one that best meets their needs, hence the theme “Choose your job”.

According to Claude Provost, Senior Vice President, Culture and Organizational Development for Canam Group, this campaign aims to show job seekers that Canam and Manac are two employers that stand out for their working conditions, their teams and their work environment based on continuous improvement and health and safety.

People interested in working for either company can visit (in french only) to submit their applications.