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New edition of the Hambro Technical manual

December 19, 2017

The new Canadian edition of the Technical Manual – Hambro Composite Floor System is now available electronically on the Canam Buildings website.

The Technical manual, presenting the Hambro composite floor system in D500 or MD2000 versions, has undergone a complete revision with a new design, new 3D figures, an update of the technical information according to the current standards and additional sections to enhance the old version.

Designed primarily for engineers, a new section is now available for architects. Here are the novelties and improvements to this publication:

  • Two separate sections on the Hambro D500 and MD2000 composite floor system
  • New typical engineering details
  • A new section with typical architectural details
  • A new section presenting the Hambro composite girder

The US version is currently under revision and will be released in early 2018.

Download the Hambro Technical Manual

For more information, please contact a Canam representative at 1-866-466-8769.