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New Features and Improvements to Canam’s Online Engineering Tools

October 3, 2017

Canam-Buildings, a subsidiary of Canam Group, recently added new features and improvements to an online tool that calculates maximum loads for various types of roof deck. Canam-Buildings’ engineering tools are designed to make calculations that comply with current steel construction industry standards.

Personalized tables to calculate maximum roof deck loads

It is now possible to generate tables that calculate maximum roof deck loads according to the specific needs of your project, directly from Canam-Buildings’ website.

The changes made to the online tool now allow users to:

  • Display various spans maximum loads at the same time by selecting the generate load tables option
  • Select the start span and span increment to generate custom tables
  • Select deflection criteria (L/180, L/240, L/360), as well as personalized bearing surfaces (exterior and interior)
  • Generate PDF files

We invite you to discover the changes made to the Roof Deck — Maximum Loads tool.

Roof Deck - Maximum Loads