Reveal Series Now Available in the Engineering Tools

April 12, 2017

From now on, you can get precise data on our Reveal Series deck, by entering a minimum of information, when using the deck engineering tools on the Canam-Buildings’ website.

Easy to use, our engineering tools have been designed to help you find the product that best suits your project.

Now available:

Roof deck (RS2.0, RS2.0A, RS3.5, RS3.5A)

  • Maximum loads
  • Maximum spans

Floor deck (RS2.0C, RS2.0CA, RS3.5C, RS3.5CA)

  • Maximum loads
  • Maximum unshored spans

About Reveal Series architectural deck

Reveal Series is a suite of metal deck systems that utilizes the inherent strength of structural deck and the aesthetic appeal of a flat ceiling and the linear plank look of wood. It provides architectural and structural design communities a vast array of floor and roof deck options that can beautify an environment for any use.