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Rogers Place Arena: The First Roof Truss is in Place

June 10, 2015

Erection of the structural steel frame of Rogers Place, the future home arena of the Edmonton Oilers, is well underway. Tiers 1 and 2 are completed and the erection of Tier 3 is almost finished. The installation of the first roof truss wrapped up on June 1st with the bolting of the middle section. To provide an idea of the scale of these steel components, the middle section alone is 118 ft. (36 meters) long and weighs 113 tons. Fully assembled, this entire truss, which sits directly over center ice, measures 338 ft. (103 meters) and weighs 400 tons.


Aerial view of Rogers Place, the future home of the Edmonton Oilers. Photo: Edmonton Oilers


The erection of the Winter Garden, the tapered section of the arena that gives the venue its oil-drop shape, is also ongoing. Erection operations over 104th Avenue, a very busy artery, is completed while the remainder is scheduled to be finished in mid-July. Teams are presently working day and night to meet the deadline.

Overall, construction is going well and the project is advancing at a steady pace; teams remain positive that they will meet the venue’s slated 2016 opening date.

View a video of the installation of the middle section of the roof girder.