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Serge Lamoureux of Canam Group Inducted into the Quebec Hockey Hall of Fame

June 29, 2016

Serge Lamoureux, a Hambro products estimator at Canam-Buildings, a division of Canam Group, was inducted into the Hockey Québec Hall of Fame at the President’s Banquet that took place last June 11 in the scope of the organization’s annual meeting. Serge was presented with this honor as a result of his involvement and exploits in sledge hockey.

The discovery of sledge hockey

Struck by polio at age five, Serge only began playing sledge hockey in 1988, seven years after the discipline made its entry in Quebec. The sport quickly became a passion for Serge. His talent, compounded with his fierce determination, led him to represent Canada just three years later at the 1991 World Sledge Hockey Challenge in Oslo, Norway, where Team Canada won the Gold medal. Serge has been the pride of Quebec and Canada in numerous provincial, national and worldwide competitions, including the 1999 Commemorative Games in Nagano, Japan, and the 2002 Winter Paralympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“In addition to the encouragement and support by Canam Group, my work colleagues at Canam circulated my sled at many company business locations in the early 2000s in order to raise funds to help me pay for the trip”, recounted Serge Lamoureux. “This is one of the many memories that I will never forget!”

End of the competition but not his interest in the sport

Serge stopped competing in national events at age 47 after the Salt Lake City games, but remained active on the ice at the local and provincial level until 2008. Afterwards, he pursued his involvement with the Montreal sledge hockey team at the organizational level. The SLAM Cup, which is named after Serge, was presented for the first time at the 2013 provincial championship of the Eastern Canada division. Serge himself proudly awarded the cup to the winning team.

It can certainly be said that Serge is an outstanding example of strength, determination and passion. We commend him on his remarkable achievements throughout the course of his sports career and also offer our congratulations to the other winners of the evening.


Photo: MM. Jeannot Gilbert (left) and Alain Regnier, both vice presidents of Hockey Quebec, welcomed Serge Hall of Fame of the Quebec hockey on June 11.