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St. Lawrence Erectors Now COR Program-Compliant in Ontario

August 31, 2017

St. Lawrence Erectors (SLE), a subsidiary of Canam Group, recently obtained reciprocity COR™ (Certificate of Recognition), which certifies that the Company meets the Province of Ontario’s health and safety requirements on construction sites. COR Program certification is on its way to becoming mandatory for contractors that wish to prequalify and bid on projects in various Canadian provinces, including Ontario.

The team at SLE skillfully passed the audits that were conducted while rehabilitation work was being executed on the Jacques Cartier Bridge, which links Montreal to Longueuil. Accordingly, last August 3, St. Lawrence Erectors received a Letter of Reciprocity issued by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association™ (IHSA) valid for one year. To conserve its certification, SLE must undergo an annual audit to demonstrate that its practices continue to comply with all applicable standards in Ontario.

COR health and safety management system audits

In the scope of the COR Program certification, audits were performed in two stages. First, an internal audit was performed by Canam Group Corporate HSE Deputy Manager Elise Kherrouzi with the assistance of Christian Aubé, jobsite EHS coordinator at SLE. “To obtain COR Program certification, it is necessary to have an operational health and safety system that features the various components required under the program,” explained Elise Kherrouzi. “Each audit represents an opportunity to assess and improve our methods, which in turn makes it possible for Canam Group to continually upgrade its safety practices, protect employees and create value,” she continued. “The success of our COR Program certification is a direct result of the ongoing involvement and cooperation of SLE employees, supervisors and managers, as well as that of our subcontractors.”

Once the internal audit was completed, an external audit was performed by ASP Construction, which also had to ensure that all its recommended improvements had been implemented before submitting the assessment to the IHSA for certification.

COR Program certification in other provinces

Additional applications for COR Program certification have been submitted via ASP Construction in order for Canam Group to also be certified compliant for projects in the Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador).

With respect to projects in Western Canada, another Canam Group subsidiary, Central Steel Erectors, is certified COR Program-compliant in Alberta and was issued Letters of Reciprocity for the provinces of Saskatchewan and British Columbia.