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Structure Fusion Receives Two Cécobois Awards

October 23, 2014

The fourth edition of the Cécobois Awards of Excellence, which showcases wood projects that demonstrate exceptional architecture, engineering and innovation, took place last September in Quebec City.

Structure Fusion received two awards in the scope of this event: one in the Structural Concept category for its participation in the Hangar 14 project and another in the Light Frame category for the Maison Mazda project.


Photo: Courtesy of Architects Goulet & Lebel

Hangar 14
The integration of architecturally-exposed scissor trusses wowed the judging panel. The glulam structure is striking in its simplicity and the warm atmosphere that permeates the building.

Hangar 14 is an unheated tourist facility that’s dominated by wood. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the structure remains cool in summer and interseasonal use is prolonged. The concept was also deemed an ingenious solution that can meet the needs of several municipalities.

The new building is one of several structures housing exhibits at the Pointe-au-Père maritime museum in Rimouski, which is located in the Lower Saint-Lawrence region. Inaugurated last spring, it was named Hangar 14 in memory of the RMS Empress of Ireland that sank tragically in 1914.


Photo credit: Richard Goulet and Shirley Duchesne

Maison Mazda
Maison Mazda in Saint-Félicien is the first car dealership in Canada to be built entirely from wood. This project skillfully integrates three structural systems, including a conventional light frame, a prefabricated light frame as well as glulam and decking made from engineered wood, resulting in an innovative and attractive building.

The judging panel commended the project team’s commitment to design a building using only wood materials; a choice that demonstrates the enormous potential of light-frame wood construction for various types of businesses. Moreover, this structural system contributed to significant savings on overall construction costs.


Photo credit: Stéphane Groleau

About Structure Fusion
Structure Fusion (formerly Massif Technologies) was acquired by Canam Group in January 2014. Based in Quebec City, the Structure Fusion team is composed of several engineers and technicians who are specialized in designing non-residential buildings featuring wood frames or integrating wood components. The company also has expertise in project management.