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Warren Fournier of Canam Group Elected President of the CSSBI

July 14, 2015

Warren Fournier, General Manager of the Canam Group plant located in Mississauga, Ontario, was elected President of the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI) at a board of directors meeting that took place last June 16th in Niagara-on-the-Lake. His mandate is effective for a two-year term.


Warren Fournier, General Manager, Mississauga plant, Canam Group

Mr. Fournier’s involvement with the CSSBI began in 2006. His first role at the institute was as a member of the Marketing Committee, followed by membership in the Steel Building Products Committee, which he later chaired. He subsequently became a member of the Board of Directors, and two years ago, was elected Vice President and Treasurer, a position he held until his recent appointment as President.

“Given the products we fabricate, which includes steel deck, girts and cladding, it’s important for Canam Group to play an active role in this association that oversees the development and publication of industry standards,” declared Mr. Fournier. “In addition, the CSSBI dispenses information and technical resources that provides both the general public and sheet steel manufacturers with access to expert advice. One of the institute’s objectives is to pursue the advancement of sheet steel in order to make it the most ecologically reliable construction material on the market,” he added.

Warren Fournier joined Canam Group in 1994. After initially working at the Boucherville office, he accepted a transfer to Mississauga in 1996 in order to start up the Steel Deck Department. The following year, he was appointed Regional Manager of Steel Plus Network, a group of steel fabricators that was created by Canam Group. In 2003, he rejoined the sales team and was promoted to the position of Roll Forming Manager the following year. Mr. Fournier continued to move up in the company and in 2007, was appointed Operations Manager, a position he held until taking the reins as the plant’s General Manager in 2013.