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What if the ‘Unseen Before’ Becomes the Norm?

February 26, 2019

Ice walls, plants, businesses and schools closed, car paint peeling off… it’s not a movie script, but our new reality.

Experts have been studying for some time a weather phenomenon known as the polar vortex or the arctic whirlpool[1] which, under the influence of the jet stream, is expected to move more and more southward, accompanied by extremely low temperatures.

Photo: Getty Images / Scott Olson Ice walls along Lake Michigan

Murox offers a cost-effective and eco-responsible business solution

The ventilated thermal panel, part of the load-bearing Murox wall panel developed by Canam is a solar collector that preheats incoming fresh air before it enters an air makeup unit.

Among the benefits of choosing the ventilated thermal panel, we can count lower energy costs, as well as the contribution to the LEED certification required by a green project.

The ventilated thermal panels (VTPs) are an efficient and cost-effective solution for buildings that require frequent air exchange. Heating fresh air as it enters the building reduces energy costs by up to 25%. The VTP is incorporated in the Murox load-bearing wall panel and is entirely shop-assembled to ensure quick on-site installation. The depth of the VTP is similar to that of the load-bearing wall so it does not detract from the aesthetic design of the building.

Murox is a load-bearing wall panel fabricated under ideal conditions, allowing for a perfect installation of the insulating materials and a superior finish quality.

Contact our experts for more information on the Murox ventilated thermal panel.

[1] The polar vortex: an upper level low pressure area lying near one of the Earth’s poles. The bases of the two polar vortices are located in the middle and upper troposphere and extend into the stratosphere. Beneath that lies a large mass of cold, dense Arctic air.